Hi, my name is Marc (@marcWbass). I am a digital artist, video maker, photographer...
Basically I have a huge passion for creating digital visual content and love to travel!

I try to create content that is engaging and tells stories.

I originate from East London, England. I have been a designer for over 15 years with experience in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & Premiere Pro and have always had a camera in my hand throughout my life.

I love love love photography but feel that my true passion is manipulating & retouching in Photoshop, that is where I truly excel. I create digital artwork (manipulations) from the photos I take. I try and create new artworks every week and post to my Instagram feed, I'm usually on there everyday and feel that it keeps my skill level in tip top condition.

I have always shy'd away from making films, I stuck to Photography and Photoshop but in the last couple of years I have been creating short films from places I have visited. I now totally love film making and fully understand why others do too. Film making brings different challenges to photography but I feel the underlying foundations are very similar so maybe that's why it resonates with me somewhat? Anyways... I LOVE IT!

I also love to travel...

A few years ago I travelled around the world for a few months and on returning to London I found my now wife. After 2 years living in Barcelona we decided to tour around Europe in a motorhome living the #vanlife. It is with this that 3 things happened...

1. I purchased a drone

2. I started to create short films from our travels (you can view them on the Video Page)

3. I am building up a large collection of photographs from various places around Europe to create artworks from (manipulations).

What I love to do...

The Process

Final Image

video placeholder

The Process (video)

Final Image

Original Image

Final Image

Some photos from my vanlife travels:

Follow my journey at Instagram/marcwbass

  • I love photography but my real passion lies in manipulatinghellip
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  • Life is how you view it
  • On the rocks
  • Thinking back to when I created these little planets fromhellip
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