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Marc W Bass is a digital artist from London

I am a digital artist, video maker, photographer... basically a digital content creator and traveller. I create content that is engaging and tells stories.

My skills include:

Drone Pilot

Photography & Video

Photo Retouch/Manipulation


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

From within these pages I want to share with you what I create. You can purchase my digital artwork in my Online Shop (opens in new window).



Digital Artist

Video Maker

I recently started getting more into video making and this is becoming a big passion for me. Although my roots are deeply placed in photography I feel that my creativity is increasing the more I film and edit, it is improving my photography and digital artwork.

Work Process...

The Process

Final Image

video placeholder

The Process (press play)

Final Image

Original Image

Final Image

Let's go travel!

In the middle of 2015 my wife Maureen, our dog Laka and I left our apartment in Barcelona for the last time and managed to persuade my parents to let us take their motorhome on a trip around Europe for a year. We loved it and on our return, before the year was up, we decided to buy our own motorhome.

We returned my parents motorhome and continued our travels around Europe in our own motorhome. We are still on the road.

On my travels I create digital art and videos from what I see.

I do Instavlogs on my Instagram channel, no longer than 3 minutes they show a quick look into my daily doings.


You can follow me.

Follow my day to day life on my Personal Instagram page.
See my creative life on my Artist Instagram page.
Watch my videos on my YouTube channel.
Check out my photograpy on my EyeEm page.

Some photos from my vanlife travels:

Follow my journey at Instagram/marcwbass

  • Crossing back in the UK Needs an MOT and somehellip
  • The beautiful village of Coggeshall in leafy Essex coggeshall vanlifehellip
  • Whilst the van is getting an MOT I thought Idhellip
  • Right lets get this drone fixed drone dji phantom
  • The motorhome touch ups continue Painting the spare wheel cradlehellip
  • bunting england village
  • Beautiful sunset in the garden today sunset garden summer
  • Had a little water ingress in the van so afterhellip